Bench Universe / Blurred Universe

I was able to score some tickets for the Bench Universe fashion show, since I don’t have a job and I’m a bum I made sure that I go out that watch this show. I have to say that i’m really entertained not so much with the fashion show but with the dancers on stage and the lights and the props used in the show. Overwhelmed with all the celebrities that I saw (akala ko ASAP), have to say Kim Chui is so beautiful from scalp to toes. Sohpie and Allison from ANTM was the highlight for me and FAR EAST MOVEMENT!! Here are some blurry pictures from the show haha, thought SLR wasn’t allowed at the event. It’s a night of butts, abs, tall, skinny, and sexy ladies.

Bench Universe StageThe Super Big Stage before the show startsBench UniverseCelebrities from the first part of the shows there’s blurry Kim Chui, blurry Jake Cuenca who shows his butt, blurry Sophie and other blurry people

ImageAwww-some scene… not lets skip the fashion show part

Far East Movement

Far East Movement like Pa-Pa-Pa-Pa

SophieHere’s a blurry Photo of Sophie from ANTM British Invasion

Paolo AvelinoPaolo AvelinoThe End

The End

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One thought on “Bench Universe / Blurred Universe

  1. :) says:

    ewan ko bakit ako natatawa hehehe

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