Turbo Weekend Getaway

There was never a dull moment whenever I’m with theses people. The word “Turbo” was overly used during the whole getaway for some reasons we don’t know. Weekend well spent!

Friends went to Tagaytay for our monthly meet-up and to Celebrate the birthdays of Gem, Kyle and Jancel and also to Celebrate because Alvin and Sherry passed the CPA board exams. Woot Woot! Stayed at AC’s house ate lunch at Shakey’s, had Coffee at Bag of Beans, and Bulalo for dinner.

Smiling faces is the result of a free lunch. Thanks Kyle, Jancel and Gem

Catching up with everybody over coffee, my first time at Bag of Beans. Sosyal haha


CPA Passers, Mr. Turbo, and the Strong Girl haha


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